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Justin Bieber Announces New Album in 2020

2020 will be the time of the Biebs. Justin Bieber fans wherever got motivation to celebrate on Christmas Eve when the artist declared through a YouTube video mystery that he will drop another single on January 3 — and that is only the start. Bieber’s next single, “Yummy,” is prodded […]

Liam Hemsworth and New Girl

Dynasty's Maddison Brown

Liam Hemsworth openly appeared his new sentiment with Dynasty’s Maddison Brown a week ago when paparazzi took photographs of them clasping hands toward the evening and enthusiastically kissing each other on a New York City walkway around evening time. Individuals got extra detail this week on exactly how the two […]

Pre-Valentine’s Day Plans Revealed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s

Valentine’s Day is practically around the bend, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as of now have enormous plans for that week. Kensington Palace declared the couple will visit Edinburgh Feb. 13 for their first authority joint visit to Scotland. It would seem that the two as of now have […]

Kylie Jenner Welcomes Baby Girl

Kylie Jenner Welcomes Baby Girl

Kylie Jenner kept her pregnancy private, however on Sunday she shared the news of her child’s introduction to the world with the world: It’s a young lady! The unscripted television star made the enormous declaration via web-based networking media Sunday, saying she conceived an offspring on Thursday to a “delightful […]

Rumored Collaboration Selena Gomez & Zayn Malik

Rumored Collaboration Selena Gomez & Zayn Malik

Here’s an enchanted thought: Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik working together on a melody together for the new no frills ‘Aladdin’ motion picture. So is it happening?! Selena Gomez, 25, and Zayn Malik, 24, are reputed to collaborate to record “A Whole New World” for the 2019 Aladdin motion picture, […]