Can’t Wait For This Year’s Holiday Edition Kylie Jenner Cosmetic

The hold up is at long last finished: Kylie Jenner has at long last reported that she is carrying…two new eyeshadow palettes in her Kylie Cosmetics occasion accumulation. The magnificence big shot took to Snapchat to flaunt the first of what is certain to be a huge occasion 2017 gathering: the Naughty and Nice eyeshadow palettes.

Both the Naughty and Nice palette feature a whopping fourteen eyeshadow shades in a range of easy-to-wear colors. The shades in Naughty are: Snowball (a creamy white), Jingle (champagne sparkles), Unwrap Me (crimson), Snowflake (silver sparkles), Merry Mint (pastel green), St. Nick (hot red), Hot Toddy (sparky chocolate brown), Xmas Kiss (burnt orange), Emerald (exactly what the name suggests), Ho Ho Ho (red sparkles), Coal (smoky gray), Mischief (gray sparkles), Tipsy (cool taupe), and Glazed (yellow-gold sparkles). The shades in the Nice palette are: Jack Frost (sparkly white), Gumdrop (sparkly bronze), Holly (warm orange-red), Ginger Snap (ginger), Blizzard (frosted eggplant), Miracle (peachy nude), Wonderland (burgundy), Lullaby (orange-nude), Mulberry (mulled red wine), Slay (a more golden version of Glazed from the Naughty palette), Santa Baby (brown-taupe), Macaroon (dusty pink), Hot Cider (matte chocolate), and Drummer Boy (auburn sparkles). Read More : Tricks for Your Best Lipstick

Jenner prodded another eyeshadow palette on Instagram a couple of days earlier with a nearby take a gander at a lovely smoky purple eye. She noted on Snapchat that we can expect more sneak looks tomorrow, including a gander at a shiny new Wet Set highlighter palette. A year ago’s vacation gathering fluctuated in cost from $13 – $290. We wouldn’t be amazed if the current year’s range had comparable sticker prices.

On the off chance that you don’t get your hands on the Kylie Cosmetics occasion 2017 items when they dispatch on November 22—fear not. Jenner noticed an altogether new Kylie Cosmetics gathering will drop in December highlighting at no other time seen items. Could establishment, concealer, nail clean, or mascara be in progress?

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