Scandal Video Leaked to Public, Tyler Posey : “I Don’t Even Care”

Tyler Posey

The solitary wolf. Tyler Posey, who went up against New York City Comic Con out of the blue without his Teen Wolf castmates, opened up to Us at the Noods Before Dark gathering on Friday, October 6, about having his private photographs stolen not long ago.

The 25-year-old heartthrob and costar Cody Christian both had naked photographs surface online back in January, however he’s not giving it a chance to cut him down. When we got some information about the close pictures of him being out there, Posey quite recently put his hands on his head, chuckled and reacted, “I couldn’t care less. It puts less anxiety [on you] on the off chance that you simply get over it.”



The MTV star is only one of the numerous famous people who have succumbed to a spilled photograph embarrassment throughout the years.

The performer, who plays a personality hoodlum in the up and coming film Decoy, has additionally had his own run-ins with wholesale fraud. “I got a letter via the post office saying I’m a casualty of an instance of some individual who hacked iCloud. I think I had my personality taken. I think I’ve had it stolen,” he let us know.



The film, which doesn’t at present have a discharge date, additionally stars Andy Garcia, Kat Graham and Frank Grillo. In the film, Posey’s character is pursued by the NSA in the wake of taking the personality of a criminal.

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What’s more, in the event that he could take anybody’s character, in actuality? He disclosed to Us who it would be: “Tom DeLonge from Blink 182. I would take his character around 2002 period. I would backpedal in time for that.”

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