Taylor Swift Sued Over For “Shake It Off” Lawsuit Copyright


Delegates for Taylor Swift on Tuesday dismissed a copyright encroachment claim recorded on Monday by two musicians over Swift’s hit tune Shake It Off as a “crazy claim.”

Lyricists Sean Hall and Nathan Butler said in a claim documented in US government court in Los Angeles that Swift’s tune utilized the expression “players, they going to play, and haters, they going to abhor,” that they had begat for a 2001 melody Playas Gon’ Play by R&B young lady gather 3LW.

Quick’s verse from her 2014 hitShake It Off is: “the players going to play, play, play, play, play, and the haters going to detest, detest, loathe, abhor, detest.”

“This is a ludicrous claim and simply a cash snatch,” Swift’s agents said in an announcement. “The law is straightforward and clear. They don’t have a case.”

Corridor and Butler are looking for unspecified harms and a jury trial.

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Corridor, a musician and maker for craftsmen, for example, Justin Bieber and Maroon 5, and Butler, who has worked with specialists, for example, Backstreet Boys and Luther Vandross, asserted that the blend of playas or players with hatas or haters was one of a kind to its utilization in 3LW’s Playas Gon’ Play.

“In 2001 it was totally unique and one of a kind. Undoubtedly, the mix had not been utilized as a part of pop culture earlier,” the claim said.

Lobby and Butler said the expression represents in regards to 20% of the verses of Shake It Off. They asserted that Swift and her group “without a doubt approached Playas Gon’ Play” before composing and discharging her tune.

“Respondent Swift has conceded that she viewed MTV’s TRL which advanced Playas Gon’ Play,” the claim said.

It said Playas Gon’ Play appeared at No. 7 on MTV’s Total Request Live in March 2001 and that 3LW’s presentation collection sold more than 1 million duplicates.

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